Questions + Answers:

How do we book you?  I ask for a signed agreement and half of the day’s fee then I am all yours! The balance is due the day of your wedding.


How do we receive our images?  I deliver images through a digital download. I also make a web gallery for viewing and ordering images.


How many images do we receive?  Every wedding is different! A rough estimate is between 600-900 select, re-touched images and then another few hundred outtakes.


When do we get to see our photos?  Each wedding is about 40 hours of post production work and I give each wedding all of my energy so it does take time.  You will have your images by your three month anniversary or sooner!


Do you charge travel fees?  If a wedding is 2+ hours outside of NYC I have a travel fee to cover gas, tolls and extra expenses and I also ask for the couple to cover one night’s stay.  If a wedding is further then 4 hours outside of NYC other accommodations might need to be covered, and we can discuss that based on your wedding.


Do you do portrait shoots?  Yes! 


What are your prices?  Every wedding is different so it is best to contact me for more detailed information. Drop me a line and let me know more about your wedding and what you need for an accurate quote!


Can we order prints through you?  Yes, I have a client proofing website where you or your family and friends can order prints from. You can also take care of your own printing if you wish, but sometimes it’s easier on you to get family & friends to order through the website.


Do you make albums? Yes I do!


Can we make our own prints and albums?  Yes you can and I’ll even give you a link for a great place to make your own professional quality albums.


Do you have insurance?  Yes!


Do you have back up gear?  Yes! Lots of it.


Do you work with second shooters/ assistants? I work with second shooters and assistants depending on the size of a wedding. It is something we can discuss and figure out what is right for your wedding.