Levi!!!!!! I seriously don't even know what to say. The pictures are all stunning and so much more beautiful than I could ever have imagined they would be. I can't get over how you captured us and the whole day. It's like you were in my head!
You are so talented and I feel immensely lucky to have had you photograph this day for us. I hope that doesn't sound over the top...because its so true!
Thank you a million times...and a million more!

Carrie & Monty 


OH MY GOD LORD, LEVI. YOU ARE A GENIUS. YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED. You completely encapsulated our wedding - the joy and happiness, the light and laughter, EVERYthing! Thank you for doing such a phenomenal job every step of the way. We will absolutely do more reviews - we would literally send smoke signals discussing your brilliance if you needed!  Thank you again for being above and beyond the greatest. We are so lucky to know you.

Maegan & David


I just wanted to drop you a quick note (in advance of the all rave reviews I plan on posting everywhere) to thank you again, and personally, for all the work you did at our wedding. We were not easy subjects with our lanky, awkward limbs, and our wandering minds that sometimes failed to hear your directions, and our inability to do "serious faces"--but you were always so patient and calm with us!!  
Thank you for making everyone around me feel relaxed (and me too!), for guiding our car to the boathouse, for coming a touch early, and staying a touch later.   I'm so happy it was you who was there to photograph these memories for us.  I kinda wish I could get married next week, just to hang out with you all over again!   

All our love and thanks, 

Jamie & Chris  


I can not thank you enough for hooking us up with Levi (and oh, God, I can't remember the other woman's name, but she was amazing and adorable as well).  The photographs are PERFECT and their energy was spot on for our wedding.  I have heard from several people how disappointed they are that they don't have a wedding to photograph, just so they could use Levi's services again (and this is without seeing the final product!).  In fact, after seeing the photos my mother-in-law said that she would like to hug him.  Not only did the pictures arrive in record time (holy moly!) but every single shot is beautiful and far beyond what I expected.  The colors, the warmth, he just got it. 
The whole night seems like a dream and the pictures reflect that perfectly.
I will never have the right words to express my gratitude so this will have to do: thank you, thank you, thank you.
Love, Liz and Joel

Liz &  Joel 


Levi,  Thank you again for being such an important part of our happy celebration. Your care and thoughtfulness show thru in every photo. I’m so thrilled that it was your eye that captured all our precious memories we will be holding them dearly for all our years. Much love, Juliet

Juliet & Aleks 


We truly feel lucky that we found Levi..... He was expert, professional and totally dedicated to getting the most creative and beautiful shots. He had contagious energy and I don't think missed a single moment; his commitment was incredible. And it paid off; Levi got our photos to us within three weeks of our wedding day and they are amazing. Portraits and candids, he captured details and emotions in such a talented way. All of this, AND Levi was a pleasure to be around on the day of our wedding, even putting us at ease, laughing with us, and feeling like a guest. We highly, highly recommend Levi.   

Colleen & Eduardo 


Levi was recommended to us by a coworker, and we are so incredibly happy we followed her advice! Levi and his assistant Fiona were amazing, we truly couldn’t be happier. We met Levi a few months before the wedding and INSTANTLY felt comfortable talking to him. Being affectionate in front of a stranger, no less with a camera in hand, is something we were worried about, but Levi made us feel incredibly comfortable, like we were hanging out with an old friend.
During the initial visit, Levi’s dedication to his craft and professionalism towards his clients was clearly apparent—it became obvious that he loves what he does and truly cares about the finished product, something that was very important to us. He was candid throughout the entire process, explaining his style and method clearly and was flexible to our wants/needs. After the initial visit, Levi was always attentive and quick to respond to any question we had. We felt so taken care of, and knew he would do a great job on the day of.  Which, was exactly what happened. Levi and Fiona were amazing. The morning was pretty crunched for time, as we got off to a late start, and had a pretty robust list of formal family pictures that needed to take place. Levi never lost his cool, and was so organized. More importantly, he kept us all feeling comfortable and stress-free. During the reception, it seemed that Levi and Fiona were EVERYWHERE and in the middle of all of the action, while never being in the way. All of our friends and family were so impressed by his energy, even the owner of the venue asked for his contact information.
We recently got the photos, and it goes without saying that were incredible, beautiful, and touching.
Levi, thank you so much for making the day so special and capturing it in the way that only you could!
Love, Julie and Victor 

Julie & Victor 


Best ever!!!! Levi was like a member of my bridal party. Ever patient, ever helpful and actually seemed to be enjoying himself. It is clear that this man loves what he does and his photos show his passion for showing and reminding you and others what love looks like. I adore him.

Joanna & Louis 


Levi! you were absolutely amazing yesterday!! you did everything we could have dreamed of and our guests were raving about how awesome you were. you went SO above and beyond. we can not begin to thank you enough!! 
Much love, Mr. & Mrs. Austin

Vanessa & Zack 


Dear Levi, We continue to have an overwhelming sense of gratitude every time we look at our wedding photos. Thank you so much for capturing so many amazing moments, and most importantly thank you for doing that so smoothly! Your calm, easy going presence made the picture process that much more enjoyable! 
All our love, Bridget and Stephen

Bridget & Stephen 


Levi was the best to work with. He made photo sessions at my wedding fun and easy. He was so flexible and worked with my conception of what I wanted, to make it turn out perfectly. He made us feel so relaxed and relate to each other so well during the family shots. I think one of his magic strengths is being able to capture the spirit and feeling of an event. The photos were fantastic - despite the challenges of bright sun, wind and sand - you'd never know a hurricane was on it's way looking at the images! I've heard from many guests that they would love to use Levi for any events they have in the future, everyone keeps telling me how great the photos look."

Carmella & Matt 


These are SO AMAZING! Thank you so much, I really can't tell you how blown away we are. We just got on the phone for about 20 minutes, and I absolutely can't get enough of them.

Jeanine & Mark 


Levi-- These are spectacular. You have mad skillz and also mad skills! I am so happy and impressed and thrilled and grateful. And thrilled that Molly knows you and put us together for this. There are some images here that you should be really really proud of!!! Like award winners!
Thank you again and again.

Joselin & Aaron 


The photos from the wedding are stunning! You are such a talent.
What an eye, I truly love them all!
So nice to meet you.
Best, Marny Havas (Aaron's sister)

Joselin & Aaron 


The pictures are AMAZING!!! We love them and our families are loving them as well.. I believe they have brought some people to tears!

Mary & Ned 


Hi Levi!
Thank you so much for the photos!!! We weren't expecting them just yet and were psyched with the quick turnaround. As for the photos themselves, we couldn't be happier with them
We sent the link to our family/friends and have gotten rave reviews. Here are just a few of the responses we've gotten thus far:
"I’m so amazed!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!"
"Yeehaw they look awesome"
"Wow they are wonderful...."
"Love them!! I think you had a great photographer!! Lots of good framers!!"
Again, thanks for doing such a great job and we really enjoyed working with you!

Sara & Dennis 


Levi took pictures for my wedding. I could not believe how absolutely beautiful they came out. Everyone I knew kept asking me who took our wedding pictures. I would recommend Levi in a heart beat. He makes you feel so comfortable and he is extremely professional. If you are looking for a photographer you found him. He is the BEST!!!!

Erica & Josh 


Levi photographed our wedding this past Friday, March 16. Not only was he incredibly responsive, open, and kind from our very first few e-mails and meeting–he was also super on time, seemingly everywhere, taking photos right away, and made all of us very comfortable, as if he weren’t carrying a pair of cameras on him at all. What made Levi so special to us is that he was there, but not there, making himself present when he could tell that we needed a bit of easing (I freaked out when I had no flowers and lost my candles) or nudging (my now-husband and I are very shy about cuddling in front of others). When it came to the wedding ceremony and reception, he and his assistant were flying all over the place, covering every inch of the action.

And of course, the very reason we contacted Levi in the first place–the unadorned, natural, light-filled beauty of his work–made itself clear when we received our proofs this past week (in record time!). Our intimate little wedding and all of its DIY charms and family nuttiness shined in his photos–he captured our excitement, nerves, joy–every ounce of emotion…all without any forced pretense or posing. Levi embodies his slogan of “Love is cool”–he captures it, senses it in others, and transmits it through his personality and his work.

Jill & Steven 


Oh Levi, you sneaky devil, you.  These pictures are insanely great.  Seriously, just about every single picture in the gallery is a work of art.  I'm not sure how we're going to pick our "favorites".

Hal & Tim


Levi is an amazing photographer!! But more than that- he is a creative and happy guy who is actually EXCITED to be photographing your wedding.

We live in Los Angeles, but got married on Long Island where I'm from. Levi was recommended to us by a friend of a friend (and fellow photographer). Needless to say planning a wedding from across the nation was a little nerve-wracking!

Upon meeting Levi, he felt like a close friend who knew us forever. He was a clear choice for us. He was extremely responsive to all of my crazy bride questions, and on the day of he not only kept us calm but on schedule! It seemed like everywhere we turned he was there snapping photos- and yet he wasn't in anybody's way. My whole family mentioned to us how dedicated Levi was, and how he seemed to really love what he was doing!

The pictures came to us very soon after the date and when I first saw them I cried. He really captured the joyous occasion and I can't wait to display his prints in our home.

I highly recommend Levi to any couple- he is such a special person who has a real talent!

Alison & Scott


Levi deserves not five, but ten stars! We feel very lucky that he was our wedding photographer. When we started looking into hiring a photographer, we knew this would be one of our priorities, so we put quite a bit of time and effort in searching for somebody that would not only take beautiful shots, but be a great person to have around on our wedding day. When we met with Levi, we knew he was our man! He is personable and easy-going, clear but not at all pushy, and at the same time extremely professional and organized. Levi has an enormous talent for candid shots. When we looked at his portfolio, compared to the body of work of other photographers we talked to, we saw a lot of happiness -- this really reflects on his positive energy and ability to put anybody at ease. I cannot recommend him enough, especially to couples who are shy, or are not comfortable being photographed. We are not especially shy, but some of our family and guests are, and Levi still got incredible portraits and group shots. For couple and family portraits Levi "directed" us very gently, always with a smile and humor. Also, to my delight, he arrived early, and with an assistant, to the hotel where we got ready, and was able to take lovely pictures of our preparations, which I did not think would be possible based on our original schedule. Since our wedding was in February, there wasn't a lot of light to play with, but Levi still managed to get beautiful portraits both at the hotel and on the Soho streets close to our venue. The venue where we got married was especially tricky to photograph (dark wood paneling, candlelight) but he came armed with powerful lights and got great shots of the ceremony and the party. Long story short, we are thrilled with our choice. The pictures are beautiful -- everybody looks good (!) and the compositions are lovely. We just got our DVDs (adorably packaged and presented) and cannot stop looking at the photos Levi took. Highly recommended!!
Francesca & Omri


Thank you so much again for making our day so amazing.  I can't tell you what rave reviews you got from everyone!  You were such a pleasure to work with.  I just spoke with my mom and sent her your regards.  Her response?  "I just wanted to give him a big hug!"  
I can't tell you how much we love the pictures!!  You are so amazingly talented; every picture made us smile!!  We were so lucky to find you!  Jordon said thank you for making us look good!  
Thank you again so much. I really can't tell you how much we appreciate it. Hope you're doing well!  Let us know if you need anything!!
Thanks again, and all the best, Dana and Jordon

Dana & Jordon 

Dear Levi!

I am so happy to have met you...I am seriously grateful.  I just want to say how much I enjoyed hanging out with you and having you be part of the wedding clan. You are a total angel. Thank you for being there (and even staying overtime!). Your smile is infectious.

xx Zoe + Eric


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